NFL Players’ Protests, cont’d

Next thought on this topic is this. If the players in the NFL and other pro sports are truly interested in police misconduct and helping their communities, they should consider getting more involved at the local level. Police are government agents and thus can overuse their power.

Find out which politicians in the executive and legislative branches have been in office that are directing the police to act a certain way. Rise above the partisanship that contaminates every social discussion. Ignore the obsolete left/right, Democrat/Republican debate. As I said, its obsolete. A new government program will not work.

Get involved in your communities. Start a program related to your sport with your friends or fellow players to get young people involved and out of mischief. Get them educated in academics or learning a trade.

Concept Designs for an Underwater City

Belgian Vincent Callebaut has a designed an underwater skyscraper. These “oceanscrapers” would house up to 20,000 people; reduce our carbon footprint on the planet; and wouldn’t require fossil fuels, because they’d produce their own energy and heat.

Pictures here.