Libertarian Party President/Vice President Ticket  Johnson/Weld pulls voters from both parties according to many polls.

Here’s a reason why J/W might pull from Democrats.

Thaya Brook Knight is associate director of financial regulation studies at the Cato institute. And she was profiled for a recent publication of Cato’s Letters. Ms. Knight was asked when she was first drawn to libertarian views. Her response:

I’ve always held libertarian views, although until recently I identified as a liberal Democrat. I believe in a strong First Amendment and strong protections for criminal defendants, I oppose the War on Drugs, and I support gay rights. In the wake of 9/11, I was horrified by the willingness to give up personal liberty in the name of safety. For a time, that meant my beliefs were aligned with the Democratic Party. But I’m also a feminist and it makes me angry when I’m told that, as a woman, I don’t know how to make my own choices or that I should be protected from their consequences, like a child. If we’re serious about equality, all adults must have the freedom and responsibility to order their lives as they see fit.

Highlights mine on what’s important to Ms. Knight. Hillary and many Democrats are attacking many of these issues or are recent converts. They’re also attacking our Due Process rights and Second Amendment rights.


Scott Shackford is watching the debate over gun control and smells a ruse:

The latest attempts to legislatively restrict gun rights failed last night, but we know this legislation is not truly dead. It will be used by Democrats to get out the vote against Republicans who opposed the legislation (keep in mind the American Civil Liberties Union also objected).

Here. Republicans let Democrats muscle them into the siren song of public outcry and emotion on this issue.


“Our fight for freedom and liberty throughout the world continues. We face a constant and dangerous threat even today,” Boehner told reporters on Capitol Hill. “This makes our engagement focused on Pakistan and Afghanistan more important, not less.”


Good.  Unfortunately, politicians will exploit this military and intelligence achievement for their own gain.  More fuel for the punditry.

Authorities arrested four men in Denmark and another was apprehended in Sweden on Wednesday over a terror plot targeting the Danish daily newspaper which published controversial photos of the prophet Muhammad in 2005.