Amazon’s HQ2, Democrats, and Taxes

Veronique de Rugy: 

Handouts like this to Amazon and other prominent companies are appalling in their cronyism, pure and simple. I agree that she doesn’t understand economics and that her socialist ideal is a recipe for fiscal and economic disaster. But her conservative critics reveal their own economic misunderstanding when they support targeted tax breaks as a means of creating jobs.

Agree with Veronique about all that. But, special tax breaks is how Democrats and other lefties like tax policy: they like high taxes then use special breaks to woo corporations, universities, etc to their political jurisdiction. Of course, Republicans and conservatives are not immune to this temptation but as a rule, they prefer low and simple taxes.



“To Say Socialists ‘Mean Well’ Gives Them Too Much Credit”

Grant Babcock: 

In discussions of illiberal ideologies, socialists are frequently praised for being at least well-intentioned, if naive or ignorant—unlike fascists, who mean to cause harm to certain groups of people. While it goes without saying that fascists have bad intentions, the comparison sets the bar too low for socialists. Conceding that socialists mean well gives them too much credit.

Not only are socialists not well-meaning, they are the greediest. They wish to control all aspects of your life, the choices you make, your family, your job, who you associate with. As well, in controlling who you associate with, they use fascistic tactics to get you to hate and/or harm others.