Zuckerberg: The Facts About Facebook

Founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg wrote this op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, attempting to address the concerns about its business model.

Its a twenty-first century company so I support that aspect. I don’t have a problem with what he wrote or how it operates, except he didn’t explain if/why conservative and right-leaning posts and ads are blocked. The paragraph about “harmful or divisive content” does not explain it. If id does, he further needs to explain why conservative content fits that description, especially considering what comes from progressives — see the recent comments about the Covington students. So, the op-ed is incomplete.

Vape Store Employee Reacts to Customer Wearing Trump-inspired Clothes

Story here.

“The store, XHale in Loganville, Georgia, posted on Facebook late Friday an announcement of the clerk’s firing:”

“To our friends and customers,” it read. “Tonight, we had an employee act improperly toward a customer. Xhale City does not tolerate this kind of behavior from its employees. When we identified the employee at fault, we fired him immediately. We’ve also spoken to the customer and apologized. We value our clients and treat them with respect and dignity, regardless of their political views.”


The store said and did the right thing. Very professional.

Miley Cyrus Picks Only Women for Her Team on The Voice

Miley Cyris is a coach on the weekly program on NBC TV network The Voice. She picked only women for her team. She supported Hillary Clinton for president in the 2016 election. Here she is crying after the election.

So, since she picked only women for her team, by her standards, does she hate men? Is she a misandrist?

I don’t really care how she chose her team. If one of the male coaches chose only men and explicitly said so like Miley did choosing women, would she think they hated women? Fair is fair.



Vice President Mike Pence Walks Out on His Home-state Indianapolis Colts

Fox News:

Vice President Mike Pence walked out on his home-state Indianapolis Colts Sunday when members of the opposing team kneeled for the national anthem, but a report that Colin Kaepernick, the player who started it all, will stand if given another shot in the NFL was quickly dialed back.

“I left today’s Colts game because @POTUS and I will not dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers, our Flag, or our National Anthem,” Pence tweeted.

Mike, you didn’t dignify the event by being there. Why do citizens shows excessive deference to politicians? Come on people, they are not our daddy or mommy, and we don’t do royalty in the U.S.

“While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I don’t think it’s too much to ask NFL players to respect the Flag and our National Anthem,” he continued.

So what is it that we must show respect for? The flag itself, the National Anthem, or what they represent? And what do they represent anyway? The omnipotence of government and superiority of the political class? Or the principles on which the country was founded? If the principles, remember all levels of government are bound by the Constitution, and government’s primary job is to ensure the security of private property and personal liberty, with each level of government being responsible for their assigned activity.


Bill Maher Lashes Out At Democrats For Over-Regulation: “It Makes People Hate Us, It Makes Me Hate Us”

Yes! HBO Real Time host Bill Maher arguing for freedom to make choices in our lives.

“Until then all this will accomplish is to feed into the Republican message that Democrats don’t want to help people they just want to micromanage their lives,” Maher said. “It makes people hate us. It makes me hate us. And it prompts kickback.”

You bet your a$$ it prompts kickback, at least from me.

“I don’t want to let the right-wing own freedom,” Maher said. “People want to drain the swamp, not ban Big Gulps. Yes, I understand, you have a thousand good ideas for how I should live my life, check my privilege and sort my recycling. I will get to that. But first we need to get some Democrats elected and that’s hard when the movement to childproof the world has made Republicans the party of freedom and Democrats the party of poopers.”

With you on this, Bill. Here. I’d love to see more competition between the political parties over more freedom.